Chartreuse "Biodiversity Puzzle" Bioblitz

As part of the Environmental Village that will be set up during the “Contes de la Chartreuse” (Tales of the Chartreuse) day on Saturday, May 21, and on the occasion of the #HOMEsafari weekend, we are organizing a Bioblitz especially designed for children. The animation will take place in the form of a game/enigma, a puzzle composed of the different habitats that can be found on this site of great biological interest (SGIB) that is the Parc de la Chartreuse. Within the perimeter defined for the Tales of the Chartreuse, we will place flags as markers for the different areas to be investigated, covering the different types of environments found in the park. The participants will be able to start by discovering the plants found around these different zones, with the help of the applications to help them determine which plants are present. Then, after completing the loop, they can try to replace the characteristic species on the map of the different environments to complete the puzzle of the Chartreuse Park.

Objective: discover the local biodiversity and learn to link the plants found with the type of habitat (ecology). Some plants are indeed typical of the different habitats found in the Chartreuse Park. Using the ObsIdentify application, participants will be able to determine which plants are present at different locations designated by the small colored flags along the paths. Once they have determined the plants, they will return to the stall and try to guess which environments they were in.

Participants will have successfully completed the challenge once the puzzle is put together and will then leave with a small bag of native wild plant seeds.

What? Bioblitz: identify the botanical biodiversity along the paths of the Parc de la Chartreuse. Biodiversity Puzzle: Replace the key species identified in the corresponding habitats to complete the puzzle.

When? Saturday, May 21

Where ? Parc de la Chartreuse (Li├Ęge). Entrance by rue Thier de la Chartreuse (see map)

Who ? from 0 to 99 years old.


Meise Botanic Garden requests all participants to respect the current measures to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. Consult (FPS Health) for more information on these current measures.